AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) defends case against Andrew Auernheimer in hacking probe

AT&TAndrew Auernheimer faces an imprisonment sentence over the actions that resulted in exploitation of AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) security laws. A copy of pre sentence memo has proved his imprisonment. In that action nearly 100000 customer email addresses were abused. The company’s legal team along with Auernheimer filed the memo earlier today claimed that Auernheimer must receive only six months of probation.

It was contended that the iPad security problems by AT&T were so severe that no special skill was necessary to break through those email addresses. Its been argued that it was a matter of simplicity, he did not do any harm to AT&T network expect its pride.

The memo was accompanied by an evidence showing an internal email from AT&T staff that said Auernheimer only took advantage of a delicate aspect of iPad.

The defense team of Auernheimer also dismissed the complaint by AT&T that company faced financial problems following the sneaking in. Auernheimer’s lawyer said that the email leak posed no security threat.

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) stock in last session held volume of 4.24 million shares as compare to its average volume of 23.12 million shares. The stock after opening at $36.67 hit high price of $36.80 and then closed at $36.77 by rising up 0.46%.

Looking at the revenue measures, the company generated sales of 127.43 billion in last twelve months with income of $7.26 billion. The Company showed a positive 5.92% in the net profit margin and its operating margin is calculated as 10.20%. Company’s annual sales growth for the past five years was 1.39%.

AT&T Inc.  Past twelve months price to sales ratio was 1.58 and price to cash ratio recorded as 41.29. As far as the returns are concern, AT&T Inc. return on equity recorded as 7.34% while its return on assets stayed at 2.78%.

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