Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s New iPod touch and iPod nano saw their Shipping Times Improve

The new versions of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPod Touch and iPod Nano, released together with the iPhone 5 at an event in September, saw their shipping times improve over the weekend, from an anticipated two week shipping timeframe to 5-7 business days. The first iPod Touch and iPod Nano models for 2012 were first given the open-ended retail window of “October” when initially launched, and then were available to pre-order customers earlier this month.

The fifth-generation iPod touch features the 4-inch widescreen display of the iPhone 5, as well as Bluetooth 4.0 and the new Lightning connector I/O standard. When considering processor (A5 vs. A6 on iPhone) and RAM (512MB vs. 1GB on the smartphone), the touch does get the shaft a bit, but reviews normally indicate that in practice, the difference is not all that noticeable. The latest iPod touch is offered in six different colors, a first for this particular line of its personal media players.

The completely-redesigned iPod nano is an additional dramatic design exit for Apple’s most affordable media player with a screen, with a 2.5-inch multi-touch display, Bluetooth and a Lightning port.

Shares of this company traded down -3.60% during trading Friday, hitting $631.77 on NASDAQ, whose benchmark S&P 500 dropped -24.15 points to 1,433.19 points. The latest closing price is -13.51% off the 52-week high of $705.07 and +68.57% off the 52-week low of $363.32. At that price, shares moved down -7.84% from the 50-day simple moving average and up 5.09% than 200-day average.

A total of 26.57 million shares changed hands with price floating in a range of $609.62 – $631.77.  However, its 30-day average volume stands at 18.95 million shares. The year-to-date (YTD) performance reflected a 51.22% gain above last year. During the past month the stock fell -12.72%, bringing three-month performance to +1.43% and six-month performance to +7.13%.

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