Samsung Launches Consumer-Facing Digital Campaign to Raise Awareness of Samsung Memory

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in advanced semiconductor technology solutions, today launched a digital advertising campaign focused on the significance of memory in PCs, smartphones and other digital devices, and the many advantages of Samsung memory.

By visualizing user experiences with a humorous touch, the new consumer-focused video ads accentuate how important it is to choose electronic devices with memory components of high quality, high performance and low power consumption such as Samsung memory. Traditionally, Samsung’s advertising campaigns for its memory business, such as ‘Green Memory,’ have focused on print messaging in global business and trade press. This time, Samsung is moving one step closer to consumers, using video ads.

“We are looking to communicate with end users about the core benefits and the superiority of Samsung memory, which can be found in most digital devices today,” said UnSoo Kim, vice president, memory strategic marketing, Device Solutions, Samsung Electronics. “Samsung will keep working closely with enterprise and mobile device designers to deliver memory devices and solutions of high quality and efficiency to help consumers experience faster and more innovative applications in their lives.”

Initially consisting of three video episodes, the ad campaign will highlight the significance of memory in enabling quality user experiences with today’s digital devices by emphasizing the different ‘pain points’ that can occur such as sudden battery cuts, slow data loading and even freezing of system operations. The ‘pain points’ are personified as three funny, but troublesome characters: Brutus the Battery, Larry the Loading Ball, and Fiona the Freeze. The campaign seeks to help viewers to better understand how using Samsung memory can ‘save the day’ in avoiding such frustrating moments.

Samsung has been leading the memory semiconductor market for 20 years (since 1993), during which time it has predominantly focused on details about its products and solutions with leading-edge technologies. With this new Samsung memory ad campaign, Samsung is emphasizing the importance of high quality memory semiconductors, which have been long considered simply as ‘commodity’ products. The company is intent on elevating the public perception of its memory products with their higher differentiated value.

Since 2009, Samsung has promoted ‘Green Memory’ to inform the market about advantages of using Samsung’s energy-efficient memory products and solutions in enterprise applications. This time around, Samsung is reaching out to end users of digital devices on the overall benefits of its high quality memory in mobile, consumer and enterprise applications.

The advertisements have begun running on Facebook (available at: and Youtube (available at the channel ‘Samsung Memory For All’). The ads will also be posted on major online websites such as CNET, Wired and later this month.

Meanwhile, Samsung has launched a “Tune it up” microsite ( to better educate consumers about Samsung memory and provide more detailed information about its advantages such as performance gains, reduced power consumption and high density.

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