Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Presenting its Own Cable TV Service, Set-Top Box at CES

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC), the giant of American IT industry, has explored a new horizon. Intel has stepped into launching its own cable TV service, and has a plan to introduce “set-top box” in the upcoming Consumer Electric Show that is being held in Las Vegas in the coming week.

As TechCrunch has revealed, Intel experts are confident to achieve success among the public. They expect their TV cable service will be handy for home TV sets.

Intel is determined to make the launch of this set-top box as the producers of smart TV are not willing to use it at in Google smart TV.

Google in collaboration with Intel and other associates was the developer of Smart TV and this venture received diverse opinions. But the discontinuation of internet TV affected all the venture partners’’ investment. Intel has to make this launch to prove reliability among the public

TechCrunch declares that this TV service will be beneficial for the public to watch all the aired programmes. This innovation will make the public burden free from the tension to worry about the TV programme schedule. People can watch any of the programmes of their choice at any time up to their convenience.

Intel experts are sure to receive a positive response from TV users.

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