HomeZada Integrates to Pinterest for DIY Projects

HomeZada announces a new integration with Pinterest that helps homeowners with their DIY projects. HomeZada has used Pinterest to create a number of common interior and exterior home improvement project boards, with many “pins” or pictures of various styles. HomeZada’s Pinterest boards are now available within the HomeZada cloud application for users to create DIY projects to manage.

Remodel projects have six key phases which include the idea phase, the design phase, product and brand research, budgeting, execution, and closeout. HomeZada’s use and integration with Pinterest helps homeowners with the idea phase by showing them lots of different photos of projects to choose for various remodel, decorative, and landscape home improvement projects.

“The idea stage is when most people need visual pictures to help them decide what kind of style they want with a project. When they are ready to move into the planning of a project, HomeZada’s integration with Pinterest bridges the inspiration with the management of a project,” said Elizabeth Dodson, co-founder.

Each of HomeZada’s boards on Pinterest has a number of different styles that have been curated. As an example, a kitchen remodelcould have a number of different styles such as a Mediterranean style, or a French country style, a modern style or a contemporary style. Browsing through these boards might help people save some time trying to find different styles themselves.

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