Biden’s Vacillating on Fracking Could Put America at Risk, said Energy Industry Leader Fred Schneiderman at 20 Days to Save the USA

HICKORY, N.C., Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A leading figure in the energy sector, Fred Schneiderman, speaking at the virtual conference 20 Days to Save the USA, called candidate Joe Biden’s back and forth position on fracking disconcerting, risky and irresponsible if not spelled out with clear timelines and planning.

“It’s highly unlikely for us to remain energy independent if we banned fracking,” said Schneiderman. “We all want to work toward the cleanest environment possible. The issue is what’s practical, timely, economic.”

Biden has gone back and forth whether he would ban fracking and his running mate Kamala Harris has signed on to the Green New Deal, said Schneiderman. “We don’t know if this is $9 trillion obligation or a $100 trillion obligation,” he said.

“We need an understanding of the true cost and a timeline that’s realistic for the American people to understand before they cast their ballot.” 

To destroy the oil and gas fossil fuel industry without a clear and concise plan would be irresponsible. It would risk our national security, stop coalitions around the world from coming together and send jobs of hard-working Americans overseas, he said.

“We’re honored to have an energy industry leader of the caliber of Fred Schneiderman speak at our event to spread his vision for America’s energy independence,” said Jerry McGlothlin, organizer of 20 Days to Save the USA.

“As technology makes the globe smaller, there’s no question our oil independence allows coalitions of nations to come together. 

“It’s highly unlikely we would remain oil independent if we ban fracking, or destroy the oil & gas industry. 

If the United States became carbon-neutral tomorrow, in no way does that preclude Russia and China from lessoning their carbon emissions. 

If only a portion of the planet adheres to carbon neutral, we have to have secure provisions in place for oversight for both China, Russia and the other countries. 

Unless we have a cohesive understanding of how we’re going to approach CO2 emissions, carbon-neutral and renewable energy sources to fulfill America’s and global needs, we all need to be in concert.

Prior to eliminating our oil & gas industry, and eliminating fracking, we need to have a uniform coalition amongst all countries if Vice President Biden’s plan is to be realistic, effective, practical and worthwhile.

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