Pokefind.com releases new Pokemon Go user-driven mapping website

The website PokeFind recently released an updated mapping application on their website which helps Pokemon Go users find pokemon creatures near their location.

Since its release, the Pokemon Go application has set and broken many records for mobile app popularity. Although the Pokemon game has existed for many years, the recently released application is a first for the brand in a number of way. It is the first major mobile app for the brand, and the unique “augmented reality” model encourages users to move around their physical environment in order to find and capture creatures.

The Pokefind website helps users see an overview of pokemon creatures that have been found in their area. The app doesnt necessarily help you find more creatures, but it can help uncover potential hotspots in your area.

Other Pokemon finding website have recently been shut down due to terms of service violations, because these sites tapped into the api used by the mobile app in order to “hack” the service and find creature locations. The Pokefind site relies on users to submit their own sightings of pokemon creatures, so the website does not run afoul of the terms of the Pokemon Go application.

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